Rail Hanging

Our Premium Hanging Rail Systems The Perfect Answer for your pictures

Choosing a hanging rail system from Picture Rail Systems is your guarantee of selecting the best way to display your pictures, photos, paintings or artwork in an elegant manner that will give you remarkable flexibility. Originally designed for use in galleries, picture rail hangers are now used extensively in homes, studios, offices, shops and showrooms. Their growing popularity and widespread usage is due to their ease of use and numerous benefits and advantages.

The picture rail hanging system is remarkable in its simplicity, comprising a picture hanging rail that can be mounted on any type of wall; picture hanging wire or cables that can be adjusted to any length and which can carry a variety of weight loads; and picture rail hangers that fasten onto your artworks. Simply locate your wires anywhere along the picture rail, slide a picture frame hook over the wire to the desired picture hanging height, and then hang your picture. It’s that easy !

Switching or changing  your paintings and pictures has never been easier

Once your hanging rail system is set up, you can easily add-on or rearrange your picture frames at any time without the need for any tools at all, moving a painting up or down is as simple as pushing a button. Multiple picture frames can be hung along the length of the wall allowing you to make your own personalized collage of prints, photos or paintings.

Your pictures can be changed at anytime you desire without the need to drill into or damage your walls, while a variety of different grades and weights of picture hanging wire means that heavy pictures or artwork can be hung without any problem. A hanging rail system from Picture Rail Systems provides a professional and stylish appearance to any wall.

Convenience No Matter Where You Are:

Picture Rail Systems have a wide range of picture hanging solutions using the latest Australian and International products. We offer professional installation services in Melbourne and Sydney and if you are outside of these areas, or want to do it yourself, we can help you over the phone. We’ll help you work out what you need and then we can freight the appropriate complete hanging rail system or components right to your door.

Why Choose Us For A Picture Rail Hanging System?

  • An industry leader in product innovation using the latest designed hanging rail systems
  • Extensive experience across different sites and installation situations
  • Cost effective solutions without sacrificing quality
  • We also offer both wall and ceiling suspension products suitable for signage, track lighting and many other applications
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • 5 year product replacement warranty on everything we sell

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To find out more about our picture rail hanging systems, Call us toll free on 1800 822 142 or Email us on info@picturerailsystems.com.au.