Fortis Wall System installed in a gallery in a heritage building.



    The Fortis Wall Picture Hanging System rails are rated for a maximum load carrying capacity of 35.0 kg per lineal metre. This system is especially useful when hanging mirrors and very large or heavy artworks.

    This picture hanging system is available with either 10 kg transparent nylon or 30 kg steel cables.

    This picture hanging system is useful in older homes where the wall surfaces may be uneven such as exposed brick and Victorian and Edwardian hard plaster.

    This system is also very popular as a gallery system for commercial art galleries and other retail spaces due to its high weight capacity.

    This gallery style system picture rail is available in 200 cm and 300 cm lengths. The Fortis art hanging system range is available as either wall 35 kg plm or ceiling mounted 25 kg plm extrusion.  

    The cables for this system are available in either nylon [10kg max rated] or steel [30 kg max rated]. Adjustable hooks for the cables range from 4 kg up to 30 kg. 

    Picture Rail Systems offer free measure and quotes and professional picture hanging system installation services in Melbourne and Victoria.