A Picture Rail Hanging System for Your Home or office.


Installing a picture rail hanging system will save your walls from future damage and provide you with an easy and convenient way to hang and change your art. At Picture Rail Systems, we provide easy do it yourself kits or you can contact us in Melbourne or Sydney for professional installation. From wall to ceiling mounted hanging systems we can help give your home or gallery the modern aesthetic you're looking for.

Benefits of Picture Rails

  • Avoid nail holes: One of the original reasons for picture rails was for hanging art on hand rendered plaster walls that would be easily damaged by nails or drill holes. If you're tired of filling nail holes whenever you move your artwork, picture rails are the best solution for you.
  • Redecorate on a whim: Picture hanging rails give you ultimate flexibility. Without the need for nails, screws or tools you can choose to rearrange whenever you desire. Change the feel of an entire room with new art pieces or redecorate for an event, all without stress and considerably less effort.
  • A subtle aesthetic: When installed up against the ceiling or cornice our hanging rails are barely noticeable, appearing as if they have always been there rather than something retro fitted. If for any reason you require the wall to be without artwork at any time the hanging rail is barely noticeable on its own.


What Sets Our Picture Hanging Rails Apart?

We've been doing this for a while now, more than 20 years and we have everything you need in stock on the shelf in our Melbourne warehouse as well as a wealth of advice on offer.

  • Warranty coverage: We have carefully selected and designed all of range, which is why we give our products a 5-year replacement warranty. This guarantee backs the high quality of our components and installation services, giving our customers absolute peace of mind.
  • Online access and options: While we do have our main Warehouse in Melbourne, we service customers across the country. You can browse our full selection of products online and have them express delivered to your door.
  • All of our systems come with installation instructions and we are always available over the phone for advice when it comes to installing your picture hanging rails.
  • Quality and experience: We've been providing rail systems and installation services for over 20 years. We focus on quality and providing reliable customer service backed with a 5 year warranty and highly competitive pricing.