Gallery Hanging Systems

Professional Gallery Hanging System

Whether you are an art gallery, a public institution , a small or large business or simply looking for a picture hanging system that can compliment your home interior. Our gallery hanging system range is the perfect way to display and move your pictures easily without the use of any tools or any damage to your walls.

Outstanding design:

 As Australia’s leading supplier of gallery hanging systems, Picture Rail Systems have been providing hanging solutions to the Australian market since 2005, providing the best quality products sourced both local and overseas manufacturers. 

Our staff have had extensive experience with more than 20 years in the gallery hanging systems business.  All of our products go through extensive testing and research, guaranteeing their strength and relaibilty with a 5 year warranty.


Our Gallery hanging systems offer maximum flexibility for displaying your artwork,  regardless art of size and weight we have a suitable system for you.  Artworks can be easily attached to the cables and repositioned along the rail system, so that they are presented in the best possible position in a room. A Picture Rail takes away the stress of having to drill or hammer, patch old holes or repaint the wall every time you move an artwork.

Easily, quickly adjustable systems for exhibition spaces

We understand that particularly in a commercial situation you need to move artworks efficently on a regular basis. With our gallery hanging systems you can easily adjust the distance and height between the paintings making changing an exhibition a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Quality and reliability:

An investment in a gallery hanging system from Picture Rail Systems is an investment in quality and reliability, all covered by a 5 year warranty. Our systems are manufactured to the highest standards using quality materials that are rigorously tested ensuring the longevity and reliability of all the products we offer. Over the past 20 years (since 1999) Julian Stafford our director has worked with and trialled every system on the current market, this has allowed us to find the most superior components to formulate our current range, thats why we stand behind every component with a full 5 year replacement warranty.


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