With a professional art hanging system, you'll take the hassle out of moving your art around, quickly and simply

Whether you are looking for an art hanging system for your home, office or a retail or commercial premises our selection of hanging systems offer the best selection for you. Our systems can be installed on any type of wall or ceiling and you can hang anything from a single artwork to covering the entire wall in works of varying size and weight in whats known as a 'salon style' display.

Helping you find the right system

Our art hanging system range consists of rails that fit discreetly to your walls or ceilings with hanging cables in either clear nylon or fine stainless steel with adjustable push button hooks for the cables. This provides great flexibility and convenience, so that pictures can be easily moved up or down and side to side easily and securely. The result is an unobtrusive look that will blend into your interior. We can even custom powder coat the rails to match your wall colour.

 With over 20 years of art installation experience we are experts at finding solutions for your art hanging needs so please let us help you with the selection process.

Professional Installation Service Available In Sydney and Melbourne


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