Selecting The Right Picture Hanging System

DIY? Looking for the right system to install yourself?

Looking for expert advice and installation, with a free measure and quote? We offer onsite quotes in Melbourne and surrounding areas.  Please call us on 1800 822 142 and one of our representatives will make a time to come out to see you.

For D.I.Y customers

All of our systems come with clear, easy to read instructions.

We are also happy to help you through this process over the phone or via email also if required.

1. Select the type of tracking system that best suits your needs using our description with each of the hanging system products range listed below.

2. Measure your wall lengths to within the nearest metre, this will allow you to determine the length of rails required.  The Fortis Systems come in two metre (200CM) and three metre (300cm) lengths with a rail joiner to connect the rails for continuous tracking on longer walls.  The Minirail System comes in lengths of 120cm/150cm/180cm/200cm/300cm. 300cm rails have a higher freight cost with all systems. Its better economically to order your rails under 200cm lengths to halve your freight costs.

All rails are made of high grade aluminium and powder coated white.  They can be easily cut to the required length with a hacksaw and then neatly finished with end caps.

3. Determine how many pictures you will hang and allow 2x cables and 2x hooks per picture. Select from our range of nylon cables (up to 10kgs per cable) or steel cables ( up to 25kgs per cable) for heavier pictures. Cables come in 3 different lengths; 1.5m, 2.0m and 2.5m. For each cable you will need an adjustable hook to connect the cable to the picture.

4. Select from our pre-pacakaged systems or choose your exact components by our easy step by step process. Select your required rails by length. Then select your cables and hooks. Once you have these items in your shopping cart you can check out paying by Paypal, EFT direct deposit, or pay securely by credit card over the phone. Before your order is dispatched we will check that the system and all components are compatible to your needs and call you to confirm shipping and address details.

5. DIY install the system using the instructions provided or arrange for one of our professional installers to install your picture hanging system for you.