Cable Hanging Systems

Cable Hanging Systems for Displaying Your Latest Artwork Acquisitions

When you have a large quantity of artwork and need a reliable and secure way to display them, it's time to investigate cable and hook picture hanging systems. At Picture Rail Systems, we provide delivery nationwide of high-quality rail systems for hanging your art. They provide secure mounting and the ability to change your displays around on a whim and without having to use any tools.

Tips Regarding Hanging Display Systems

Do it right the first time with these easy to follow tips!

  • Proper placement: If your ceiling has a plaster cornice, the bottom edge of that where it meets the wall is where we normally attach the hanging system rail. The systems are designed to appear to be part of the cornice to blend into the original wall surface. If the ceiling is ‘square set’ without a cornice then the rail is positioned as close to the ceiling as installation will allow, with a professional installation this can be flush mounted.
  • Get a kit or hand select your components: If you're interested in installing the system yourself the first time around, we suggest purchasing a kit to trial the process, that way you will have all the pieces for the job in one simple order. All you will need is a basic tool kit, a drill and enough basic handy skills to hang a set of shelves.

Selecting the right hanging display system

  1. Select the type of tracking system that best suits your needs using our description with each of the hanging system products range listed below.
  2. Measure your wall lengths to within the nearest metre: This will allow you to determine the length of rails required.  All systems come in two (2.0) and three (3.0) metre lengths with a rail joiner to connect the rails for continuous tracking on longer walls.  All rails are made of high grade aluminium that can be easily cut to size with end caps to neatly finish the job.
  3. Determine how many pictures you will hang: Allow 2 cables and 2 hooks per picture, some smaller works can hang on a single hook and cable.  Select nylon cables ,up to 10kgs per cable or steel cables, up to 25kgs per cable for heavier pictures. Cable lengths are standard 150cm and 200cm or we can custom make these at required lengths upon request. For each cable you will need an adjustable hook to connect the cable to the back of each picture.

Our Other Services Related to Cable Picture Hanging System

  • Ceiling mounts/window displays: For single cable ceiling mount options in a fixed position hung from the ceiling and also for floor to ceiling cable tension such as shop window displays.
  • Melbourne and Sydney installations: If you're not interested in installing the rail system yourself, we offer installation services in the Melbourne and Sydney areas. Our installation service is a great way to ensure your system is installed correctly and securely the first time around!
  • High capacity systems: If you have an art gallery or are an avid collector with large and heavy pieces, we have specific systems for these pieces of art. Our heavy duty systems prioritise strength to ensure the security and stability of each piece of artwork. 

All our hook and cable art based hanging systems come with a 5-year product replacement warranty. Please call us on 1800 822 142 to schedule a quote or for answers to any of your rail system questions.