Picture Hanging Systems for your home or workplace

Looking for a flexible, secure and discrete way to hang your art? 

Check out our selected range of state of the art picture hanging systems. At Picture Rail Systems we stock an extensive range of products to suit every art hanging requirement.

Once installed our art hanging systems make hanging your favourite pieces a breeze,  giving you the ability to change the look and feel of a room quickly without even having to pick up a single tool.

We have easy DIY system packs with instructions or we can assist you in putting together your specific selected components. Our nationwide courier services can then deliver the product to your door.

For those who would like to have it all done from go to wow, we provide an on site demonstration as well as a delivery and installation service.

Tips and services regarding hanging display systems: 

    • We are happy to help you every step of the way with deciding which system suits you best, if you'd like our advice please call us now on 1800 822 142
    • Where to position your rail on the wall: If your ceiling has a plaster cornice, the bottom edge of that is where to install the hanging system rail. The wall mounted systems are designed to appear to be part of the cornice making the system as discrete as possible. If the ceiling is ‘square set’ without a cornice then the rail is positioned at the top of the wall abutting the ceiling, giving your wall a clean sharp architectural detail.
    • Purchasing a kit or hand select your components: If you're interested in installing the system yourself, we suggest purchasing a complete DIY kit. That way you will have all the pieces you need in one simple order. All you will need to do the installation is a basic tool kit with a drill and the equivalent handy skills to hang a set of shelves. If you'd like to customise a kit to suit your particular needs please give us a call and one of our friendly staff will work out everything you need over the phone.

    Selecting your hanging system

    1. Measure your wall lengths: This will allow you to determine the length of rails required.  All system rails come in 200cm and 300cm lengths with a rail joiner to connect the rails for continuous tracking on longer walls.  Our high grade powder coated aluminium rails can be easily cut to size with with a small hacksaw then finished with white end caps.
    2. Determine how many pictures you will hang: Allow 2 cables and 2 hooks per picture, some smaller works can hang on a single hook and cable.  Select nylon cables, up to 10kgs per cable or steel cables, up to 25kgs per cable for heavier pictures. Cable lengths are standard 150cm and 200cm or we can custom make these at required lengths upon request. For each cable you will need an adjustable hook to connect the cable to the back of each picture.

    Our services and range of Picture Hanging Systems

    • Melbourne and Victoria installations: We offer professional installation services in the Melbourne and Victorian areas. Our installation service is an easy hassle free way for those people who don't have the time or the tools to install the system themselves. 
    • High capacity systems: If you are an art gallery owner or an avid collector with large and heavy pieces, we have specific systems to suit your needs. Our heavy duty systems prioritise strength to ensure both the security and stability of the artwork. Our advice comes from industry experience of over 20 years.

    All our hanging systems come with a 5-year full product replacement warranty and a 7 year warranty on all installations works.

    Please call us on 1800 822 142 to schedule a measure and quote or to answer any of your questions.